Gregory Horne is a data literacy advocate and data science entrepreneur based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

As a consulting systems analyst with more than two decades experience, he worked with clients in financial services, law enforcement, military, retail, telecommunications, and transportation.

Gregory is currently upskilling as a full-stack data scientist. He is the creator of the Dataology Studio, a data literacy platform and founder of Data Skills Unlimited, promoting data literacy. Our mission is pretty simple ‐‐ to improve the data literacy of people everywhere by simplifying the approach to training in order to focus on the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques to become a data literate citizen.

As an advocate for data literacy and having served as a Community Teaching Assistant, I understand the unique challenges that adult learners face.

Hiking with my dogs, kayaking, and playing the classical guitar, mandolin, or violin provide physical, mental and spiritual reprieve contributing to work-life balance.