A dataologist and data science entrepreneur based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, I am founder of the Dataology Studio, a data literacy platform.

As an advocate for data literacy and having served as a Community Teaching Assistant and Community Mentor, I understand the unique challenges that learners face.

  • the Data Science Specialization and Genomic Data Science certificate programmes, offered through a partnership between the Johns Hopkins University Data Science Lab and Coursera; and
  • the Programming for Everyone (Python) certificate programme offered by the University of Michigan.

Our mission is pretty simple ‐‐ to improve the data literacy of people everywhere by simplifying the approach to training in order to focus on the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques.

We do this by providing practical solutions, easy-to-use tools, and hands-on training ‐‐ the Dataology Studio was created as a platform to learn and practise the requisite skills to become a data literate citizen. Whether your aspiration is to be a data analyst or data scientist as a career, or more modestly to better understand the world in which we live.

Hiking with my dogs, kayaking, and playing the classical guitar, mandolin, or violin provide physical, mental and spiritual reprieve contributing to work-life balance.